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15 Oct 2018

From 1 backroom to a home!

Theodora Mofokeng

Wow!!! What more can I say. The moment they told me that I qualified, I jumped for joy and knowing how I've been saving all these years for deposit should the need arise made me really happy.

My sons were over the moon to hear that we moving out of a backroom to a real proper house. They couldn't stop raving about it. I felt so proud that at the age of 28 I bought a home for my boys and I.  And as for Glenda my consultant from SA Home Loans, she made the process exciting and very easy. I'm so overjoyed just by watching the kids having a bath, and sleeping in their own beds not sharing with me anymore.

Thank you so much for your help SA Home Loans team. From 1 backroom to a home!

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