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26 Jul 2012

Nwabisa Gonya

I started dreaming of owning my own place at the age of 23, but at that time such was just a dream, and when I reached the reasonable age and having given-up of having that someone to share a home with, I started the search. Having seen my breath-taking home, I started looking for finance with the hope of gaining recognition from my two banks as I have always banked with them - FNB and Absa. I was so disappointed by the outcome of events, no loan instead a ridiculous deposit was expected of me. But that didnt stop me from hoping and praying for a breakthrough. Now there was this particular day, I was driving down the highway deep in my thoughts wondering "how, who, what, when", as I looked up this lady in a big billboard looking down and smiling at me asking quite an interesting question "you need a home loan?, contact SA Home Loans and since that day my life has changed, and I must say, Im exceptionally honoured and grateful that you walked with me in this journey and you made me believe that against all odds a dream can be realized! Thank you so much SA Home Loans you made my life ("with tears down").

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