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17 Oct 2018

Oh yes, I did forget to say. The bond we received was 100% financed by SA Home Loans.

Nyembesi Nkanda

It was about mid-February 2018 when the rental lease was left with 5 months to expire and having to know that the developer had intended to sell all the rented house at our estate, it became a daily stressful exercise for us having to worry of the task of getting a new place. My husband had told me of SA Home Loans for some time and I did not take it seriously, until the fifth month came and with all the worries about where to go.  We then spoke to the developer to find out if our unit was already taken, to which he responded 'NO'.

I had no idea as to where to start with the application and where to send it to. My husband told me to begin with our bank, Capitec. On their website they  indicated that the work with SA Home Loans. We then did not waste time and contacted them.  Little did we know that we were going to meet a very dedicated sales consultant by the name of Shaunese Marais.

I could not trade her for anything, from the application, the support during the application, the update of the process and having to go outside the extra mile to ensure that we do not carry the burden of to and from documentation handling. She did everything for us and even went beyond.  Her help took away the stress we had about the lease expiry.  She treated the whole process like it was hers.

Regards, Nyembesi Nkanda

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