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16 Oct 2018

I'm so happy that I'm now with SA Home Loans

Petunia Twala

I went to the SA Home Loans offices in Boksburg early this year in desperate need of help. I had a problem with my roof which was leaking and by then my house was bonded with a bank, they made excuses when it was time for their insurance to pay and to make things worse I've been a very loyal customer to them for more than 10 years never skipped any payment. I fixed the roof without their help even of providing me a loan. I was now stuck when it came to installing a ceiling.  That's when I met a very, very helpful gentleman by the name of Jared Gemmell. He reassured me from day one that he will help me. He was in constant communication with me to email paperwork. In the end he came up with a plan to get SA Home Loans to pay off all my debt and have money on the side to install the ceiling as well. I'm now paying one installment and my life is much, much easier thanks to him. I'm so happy that I'm now with SA Home Loans. Everyone who was involved in me getting the help was very friendly and efficient. I would recommend SA Home Loans to anyone who needs help.

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