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Western Cape

04 Nov 2011

Olivia Isaacs

SA Home Loans made it possible for us. We lived with my in-laws before and after a while we realized that we needed our own space..A place that we could call home. You see we were very young when we had the twins, so we had to prove to everyone that we could do this and make our family proud of us. It was a nightmare looking for a home. After months of searching we come across a home in Goodwood. The first time we were suppose to view the house the previous owners forgot that the agent made an appointment. Second time I fell ill. Third time I landed in hospital so we were not able to view the house. We come across another house and the owner declined our offer. We thought that we would never be able to give our children a home. I was emotional and depressed. The agent told us that there was one more house that he needed to show us and behold it was the house that I wanted in the first place. God was really on our side. Then the hard part come and that was going to the banks. I felt like giving up. My husband remembered someone telling him about SA Home Loans so we browsed thought their website and come across a photo of Gavin Europa. My husband said... I quote" THIS IS THE MAN THAT IS GOING TO MAKE THIS HAPPEN" And indeed he did. When we meet Gavin for the first time we could tell that this man was genuine. 

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