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04 Nov 2011

Lyle Williams

Firstly I have to thank Kenneth Hanna for the exceptional manner in which he handled my home loan. I went to my bank FNB whom I have been dealing with for years with a personal account as well as a business account and was turned down for the home loan that I applied for. I purchased this property for my daughter as young people today really do battle in applying for home loans due to the high cost of housing and NCA restrictions. The application to SAHL was so quick and efficient that in no time I received the news that the loan was approved. To my disappointment there was personal issues with the property I was purchasing and could no longer do the sale so that deal was hanging in limbo - I then managed to attain another property and went back to Kenneth and another loan was approved in a jiffy as well - I have never been so thankful with such amazing service. I will not go through the hassles I had with the attorneys as this deal with SAHL made all things work out fantastic for me and my daughter. I will recommend you guys anytime. Thank you and keep up the excellent service!!!!!

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