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Eastern Cape

10 Sep 2012

Ralton Turner

SA Home Loans is the best. I have my bond with SA Home Loans for three months now and the service is exceptional to say the least. For many years before my wife and I decided to sell our house and buy a new home in a different suburb, I already knew that I would want SA Home Loans to do the financing. Having just come out of the recession of 2009/10, and having been retrenched from my workplace my credit status needed some improvement. I approached SA Home Loans. The consultant, Mr Johan Hammes , amazed me with his professional service. Look, I had made my decision many years ago to approach SA Home Loans but I could never have expected the level of assistance and guidance that I received from Mr.Hammes. When I first spoke to him and explained my situation, he advised me that we would need to work on my credit score. SA Home Loans took me by the hand and guided me to my new home. After five months of dedication, my credit score was much improved and throughout all this time I was contacted by the SA Home Loans consultant to discuss the progress made. I felt so secure and certain of where I was heading. With my credit score greatly improved, I was approached by a few Banks offering a bond, but it was a few years too late for that. After about five months of support and guidance from SA Home Loans, I was ready to submit my application. At this stage my current house had already been sold and we had found our new home.

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