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10 Sep 2012

Samantha Traill

It is every newly married couples dream, to go find a home and then purchase it, then move in and call it home. Well for my husband and I it seemed impossible, trying to get a home loan from one bank to another bank. Well, that was it we gave up as we were turned down by all the banks. Its disheartening as you have no where to go, you have all your wedding gifts in boxes which can not be packed out or be put to use. Our last option and should have been our first option was to try SA Home Loans. I phoned the Witbank Branch and spoke to a very happy, helpful woman who immediately sent me an application form and within a few days a meeting was held and the forms were handed in. It was our last and only hope of getting a home loan to purchase a home. Well, in a few days we received a phone call from SA Home Loans saying that we qualified for a home loan and it was much more than we expected. Our faces lit up and we knew we could finally start making a life of our own, which is when the searching for a home started. Within a few weeks we saw a house and it was approved to us. A year later after buying the house and we have settled in. Thank you to SA Home Loans, that understands that young people battle to get a home loan, is able to make their dreams come true in more ways than one. SA Home Loans has such friendly staff members that are always willing to speak and advise young couples what to do. Thank you for making our dream come true SA Home Loans.

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