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Western Cape

02 Nov 2011

Rebecca Malambo

Applying for a home loan is always a daunting task! So much paper work; emails and phone calls between clients and consultants and then waiting in anticipation for the outcome ... We have been fortunate to have two home loans through SA Home Loans and although both applications were very different we were treated with respect; made to feel that we were important and the consultants did their utmost to 'customize' each home loan to be fitting to our financial situation at that time. The applications were done professionally and with dignity; advice was given when needed to contribute to a smooth sailing application. We were with conventional banks before with both home loans but felt like Rands in their eyes only. They were not interested in our financial needs and the looming recession, when we switched over to SA Home Loans; from the time of application to the time of approval and even today; SA Home Loans remains loyal; putting OUR best interest first; efficient; flexible and the better financial service provider. Will we ever go back to the 'old way' ... Not a chance!!

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