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02 Nov 2011

Zain Sayed

My story starts a few years back, I used to live far out about 40km from work and travelling was becoming a nightmare. I just got married and living so far out was becoming difficult for both myself and my wife .Because we lived so far out we had to travel together with me starting early and my wife finishing late needless to say we used to work 12hour days because of this. We went looking for a home and finally we found one with great potential, it needed some work but it was perfect for us until they told us the price. Once we realized that we could not afford it we gave up looking and I remember telling my wife that if it was meant to be it will be and it is in Gods hands if we should get this house. 3 months went by after that and funny enough on my birthday 12 January I got a call from the estate agent saying that the seller had dropped the price and if I am still interested I should put the offer in that I can afford. A month later we got an accept and I am not sure if it was faith but our prayers were answered but then came the hard part, fighting for a great rate and a bond approval. I first tried with all major banks direct and when I was not getting what I wanted I then tried brokers who apply for you to major banks and each time I got the same excuses because I was 23 I could not get a good rate and the banks would not give me the loan. 

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