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09 Sep 2013

Rembuluwani Mathivha

Good day, my story began in 2007 when I applied for a home loan at a certain bank, and it was pre approved and I was so excited that I will be moving into a town house of my own But when I went on site to see the house, I was so disappointed because the house was so small it did not reach my expectations. So instead I had to settle into renting a town house which was so frustrating, for almost three years paying someones bond. In 2010 I then saw a beautiful home with a for sale board and my heart was stolen, and I knew I had to go for it. I went to the bank, everything was approved and just when it was time to do the paper work we (with my wife) then heard that the owner of the house was not selling the house but it was actually the tenant who wanted to scam us! I almost signed a fraudulent contract which could have cost me my whole life. We went searching for the agent and we were told she has resigned and has relocated. I had to go back renting again which was frustrating, and I was disappointed and had lost the trust on getting a proper bond. We were new at this as we were just newlyweds and had no clue as to how these things worked, we felt very vulnerable. But during that same year I saw a perfect house for my family, in Dawn Park. I was sceptical to go for it but I did. The bond was approved and I moved in, late November in 2010. What a dream come true it was, the kids were happy and my wife was joyous too but I was not. 

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