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09 Sep 2013

Ren van Coller

I bought a flat in a secure complex in Centurion and had been living there for 12 years but on the evening of 12 December 2011 I arrived home at about 22:00 and was attacked by two men in front of my flat as I opened my security gate. As you can imagine, it was a very traumatic experience! I felt that I can no longer live in this flat as I felt very unsafe and started looking around for a place in a security estate. I finally found an absolute super place in a security complex situated inside a security estate. I applied for a home loan from the bank that I have been banking with for the past 20 years, but they would not grant me a loan, despite the fact that my property was nearly paid off. I then went to two other banks, but could still not secure a loan and the owner cancelled the offer to purchase. I was devastated but luckily a couple of weeks later I heard about an estate late property situated in the same estate and approached the Bond Originators who asked me if they may approach SA Home Loans. My loan with SA Home Loans was granted and I moved into my new property in July 2012! I am extremely happy where I stay and feel very safe and secure and love to go and walk around in the estate, so THANK YOU SA HOME LOANS!!!

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