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Western Cape

31 Oct 2011

Roelof Stoltz

I got divorced in December last year and part of my settlement was to buy my wifes part of the bond out. With all the costs involved in a matter like this, I needed to refinance my house. I have been a customer of one of the leading banks for 18years and never received any finance on anything during this time. I thought I would try a last time without any luck! The bank that was financing my house were full of promises, to the extent that I moved all my business to them only to get a negative response after waiting for 3 months on an answer. As a last resort, I approached SA Home Loans. I cant explain how delighted I was! Not only was my bond approved within 2 days, they also included all my debt from previous bank so I can get them off my back! What a relief in a time of need. I will continue to refer everybody to SA Home Loans! Thanks a lot!

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