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15 Nov 2013

Rogen (Shaun) Munisamy

As I grew up, we moved 13 times to different houses (renting). In my second year of marriage, we relocated to Shakaskraal. We also lived in rented outbuildings as our income was limited and I was a newly ordained Pastor. My wife, Coleen passed by a house on the School Road almost daily as she commuted to work. A "for sale" sign was up for a long while, many years. She prayed in her heart and during her personal devotion that God would make a way for us to own this house. As Pastors, we used our home as a place for counselling and hospitality is a vital criteria. Rented outbuildings and nasty landlords were our experience on many occasions. I ministered at a close friend's church and one of his congregants took me out for lunch with his family. He mentioned that he was praying for us to own a house and acquire a land for a church. Then amazingly he introduced us to the same house that my wife was praying for. Every banking institution turned us down even the ones we banked at, I guess due to our income, however SA Home Loans did not turn us down. We moved into the house and paid occupational rent for a year. I clearly remember the SA Home Loans assessor inspecting the house and informing us that we are the FIRST home owners to be that they possibly will give a bond to in Shakaskraal. 

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