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14 Nov 2013

Dieketseng Anna Masienyane

I moved to Joburg early last year and immediately was frustrated of paying massive rent. I decided to buy myself a house and the problem started when I heard of the percentages the banks were offering. I thought buying a house was just simple as I looked at my income and the amount I wanted to pay, everything looked possible to me and I started looking around, I made offer to purchase and started looking for a home loan. I got 80% from all the banks including the one I've been using for as long as I remember. Raising 20% deposit was difficult for me and I had to cancel the whole transaction, I was hurt and frustrated. I sat another 3 months and a friend of mine asked if I ever tried SA Home Loans. I went on house shopping again and made an offer to purchase, submitted my loan application to SA Home Loans; I then managed to get a better offer of 90%. It was a relief somehow as 10% was better than 20% that I was expected to raise initially from the banks. Thank you SA Home Loans, I'm now paying my own bond instead of paying someone's loan by renting forever. I'm proud that I have my own home because of you.

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