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14 Nov 2013

Gino Kok

Hi all, it is with great pleasure and excitement that I had to tell my story so that people can know that there is a financial institution out there that cares. I have been working for a bank for 7 years and I have moved up the corporate ladder. I thought I was a great asset to the organization that I worked for and since 2008 I have been trying to buy my own property so that my wife and daughter could have their own privacy. And especially my daughter who always dreamed about having her own room and it should be pink and white, as a father it breaks ones heart when you keep applying for a home loan and it keeps being declined even though you know you can afford the bond and the adhoc water & lights etc. After 4 years in 2012 I decided to move jobs and finally opened my eyes and made a wise decision to apply for a home loan with SA Home Loans. Within 3 days I had an answer and this time around it was positive, my loan was approved with SA Home Loans and the outstanding professional service I received was unbelievable. One day I drove behind a SA Home Loans vehicle and I was convinced once again that the sign on the vehicles and advertisements speaks for itself and not just to fish hook customers but to make someones dream come true. I salute you SA Home Loans and your outstanding service your staff provides to the people, I am a witness. Once again thank you.

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