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14 Nov 2013

Alex Viviers

I was with FNB for 16 years and not once missed a payment. I had 2 bonds with FNB when my wife and I decided to buy a new home. My house sold within a month and I urgently need a new home. My wife and I found our dream home in Faerie Glen Pretoria, and we urgently had to apply for a bond. My first choice was FNB, as I had 2 bonds registered with them and I also was a customer for 16 years. We apply for the home loan and it was not approved with a 650 000 deposit and both my wife and I earned a big salary per month. I started my own business and I am a SAP Business One partner in South Africa. I had sent all the company audited financials of 2 great years with my application and the bond was still not approved with FNB. I was in a panic as I have sold our home and I was rejected on my application, and also realized that at FNB you are only a bank account holder. I then contacted SA Home Loans on a Friday afternoon late, and the lady met with us the Saturday morning in a storm at a coffee shop to discuss the application and also assisted to complete the application. The Tuesday mid-morning our bond was approved without any additional questions asked. Well Done SA Home Loans, I will be your customer forever.

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