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03 Nov 2011

Ruben Naidoo

I had been to every bank and was turned down due to having too much credit available on my accounts. In November 2010 I applied for a home loan through SA Home Loans. Within 5 days including applying I was approved. My father was diagnosed with Brain cancer at the same time and had just three months to live. All they wanted their entire lives was their own home to live in. The paperwork went through in January and by March my Father was released from hospital and moved into the new house where my mother could take care of him. He survived several months after his operation. Thanks to SA Home Loans and the consultant that assisted me with my application, my father had a house of his own for the five months that he was there. He passed away on the 20th of July but you made his dream possible. Thank you SA Home Loans and may God bless your soul DAD, and may you rest in peace.

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