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03 Nov 2011

Teboho Mosoeu

I grew up without a home, my parents separated when I was 10 yrs old. It was always difficult but I kept dreaming of owning a house one day. I thought I will never achieve this as I was turned away by banks even if I was earning a good salary. Pressure was from everywhere, all these years I learned to be patient. One day a real estate agent approached me with offer to purchase, I told him my bank stories, he assured me that I will be helped. I filled forms and after a week, a consultant from SA Home Loans contacted me. The rest is history. I bought a property that no one would buy - it was run down and the owner gave up on it. In a year and half I stayed there I fixed everything, I make sure that it looks good and its value went up, people are interested in my property. I am proud of it. Thanks to SA Home Loans, you made my dream come true, my kids have a home not like me when I was growing up. Go on, help others like myself. I sing your praises!!

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