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Eastern Cape

22 Nov 2011

Stuart Bietje

I originally had a bond with Standard Bank who had given me good service over the years. I was feeling the crunch of the economic times and decided to scout around for the best possible deal. I was referred to SA Home Loans and made an appointment to go see them. Originally my intention was just to get a more affordable option. Good deal and service dont go in the same sentence. What started then was amazing. The people at SAHL were so friendly and helpful and treated me with respect. You would imagine that someone looking to cut costs and budget better would be approached with an Im doing you a favour attitude. On the contrary, I was treated with respect and dignity and they worked out the best possible deal for us. This was almost unheard of in East London as service here leaves a lot to be desired. They cared and were understanding. As time went by life happened in between and divorce struck my life. Being in the position that I found myself it meant I had to sell my house as I could not pay my ex-wife out on her share of the house. After months on the market (7Months) my ex-wifes attorneys were forcing that I pay her out which I couldnt afford or the house would go on public auction. If the latter took place I would have lost all as they just focus on recovering the bond amount. I went to SAHL and discussed the matter with my consultants. They were very understanding of my plight. The checked what I could qualify for and I made my offer to my ex wife. 

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