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22 Nov 2011

Jonathan Soares

My name is Jonathan, and my story may similar to many people, but I feel I need to tell it none the less. As many first time buyers my girlfriend and I had the normal obstacles we all face when starting a life together, except that she is not a South African citizen. She is permanently employed and has all the visas required, but no bank, not even my bank that I have been with for 15 years, was willing to help us at all. The answer was always a resounding NO from everyone, except SA Home Loans. I spoke to a consultant, Saloshnee, who assured me she would do her best and I should not worry. What took the other banks 2 months to do, Saloshnee did within a week, and she had an answer for me. The answer gave me has put me and my girlfriend into our own home and we could not be happier. Thank you SA Home Loans!

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