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Western Cape

27 Aug 2012

Tertia Matthee

We lived in a "Cottage by the Sea" and had no idea that life could change so quickly? Our children have grown up; some of our loved ones have relocated to their "Home in the Sky, Middle Age arrived at our Door with all its glory of Career changes etc. Overnight our needs changed... The cost of Transport to and from work was crippling us; University Fees had to be paid. The nail biting, rollercoaster ride of home searching began. We had a full portion of wicked wheeling and dealing at the hand of Crooked Estate Agents. We set our hearts on homes that we thought would be ideal just to realize that all that Glitters is not gold. Finally, after seeing what the last Show House had to offer and not being impressed at all we stumbled upon a Diamond in the Rough. At last a house that needed us as much as what we needed it. We contacted Hermanus Kemp from SAHL Strand Office to get the ball rolling his friendly and efficient service surpassed the norm. Besides the fact that crime had taken its toll on the house and it had seemingly been "punished" for standing vacant...we recognised the potential. Cape Town has recently experienced bitter winter cold, snow and storm yet we have turned our leaks into water features and look forward to loving and caring for our new home...our dream home. Thank you for making it possible SAHL.

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