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27 Aug 2012

Ndungi Bols Muhemedi

I am pleased to get this wonderful opportunity that I waited for so long to tell 1000 000 South Africans how to get rental freedom by getting a home for themselves. My story is very simple but interesting. It all started when I was renting in Johannesburg in a very expensive area called Sandton. One day we were surprised that our salary was delayed for a good 7 days, and we went under fire and nearly lost lives due to wild pressures of our landlord, I remember receiving an intimidating sms from my landlord in which he called me "stupid poor guy who will never by a house." and was threatening to evict me with guns and machetes. I had to even go for a BP check-up that same night. The following week, I went to my so called prestige banker to get some info regarding how to secure a home loan, the bad news was, "you are not a SA citizen and you can't apply" when I returned home I got another sms from my landlord with a notice to immediately vacate his property or else face death. I went into a comma for 4 days after reading that sms. After I was discharged from hospital there was more bad news; my wife and kids were kicked out from the house. After feeling better I had returned to work. I got a call from my brother who was looking for the telephone number of the SA Roadlink in order to book a seat for him to come to Durban.

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