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28 Aug 2012

Willard Chitemere

SA Home Loans made our dream come true. My wife and I have been wishing to own a house for years, this is really a dream come true. We married in 2002 and we were still in our home country in Zimbabwe, in 2004 as a young couple we got an offer to buy a flat for cash and truly with determination we sold most of our assets to buy the house, paper came confirming the purchase at the time of occupancy we only discovered money went into thin air. 2006 we then decide again lets give it a shot, residential stands were being serviced and we were queuing again. We got a corner stand on the map again and up to today the stand is still on plan or paper. We relocated to SA in 2007, the drive continued and we started making applications again through the Bond Originators. We were always asked for an extremely high deposit (50% deposit) and would imagine if I am to buy a dream house it would mean a deposit of R850 000 or a 1 million. To me that was the end of the dream of owning a home for myself and was always in pain every month as I paid my rental (R8000 per month). September last year we finally got a better offer from Nedbank with a 20% deposit that I had raised. This was a repossessed house, and after all was almost done, at the last minute; we got told that they could no longer sell the house to us. Despite having lost the house, I went and opened an account with them as appreciation of the effort despite me not getting the house as pay back.

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