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09 Apr 2015

Venay Ramsurwaj

In March 1992, I was told by my mum that it was time for me to leave her home in Durban. There had been a family dispute. I was newly married and we were expecting our first child. I had no appliances and no furniture. My father-in-law was living in Pietermaritzburg and accepted us with open arms. We stayed with him for 6 months but it was not comfortable because his eldest son did not like us being there. My wife and I decided to buy a house. I had no deposit. I was fortunate to get a deal to build my house (via NBS) with a State guarantee. I moved in on 09/07/1993. For 2 years we lived using a single-plate stove, a freezer (no fridge), a bunk bed and an old kitchen set. Some may say what my mum did was bad but I believe her action was a blessing. I am now a home owner thanks to her forcing me to think about my future. I am grateful as I have been lucky living here in Pietermaritzburg. I am now the Principal of a local school and will never forget my struggle to build a house and how NBS/FNB and now SA Home Loans assisted me with my bond. I know that when I die my family will have a roof over their heads. Thank you.

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