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07 Apr 2015

Abigail Owen

Having lived far from both our moms for years, we decided it would be great to buy a new home, with space for the grannies to either visit us or even live with us, as the cost of living for any retired person is high. As my husband was self employed and I had been well employed with the same company for more than 11 years we thought getting a new bond would be easy! But no such luck! It didn't matter that we hold these prestigious named accounts or that we put down a huge deposit; our bank gave us an insane interest rate. 2 years later after paying the bond with our bank which by the way we had re-applied for an interest rate review....After they declined to drop the rate my mom suggested we try SAHL! She had been with SAHL previously. WOW! The service was incredible and within a few hours we had our bond approved! Saloshnee Sheik was our consultant who made everything possible. Better interest rates and with some extra cash to pay off those dreaded debts and; we even built a new bathroom, all for the same instalment that we paid before! There is just no other way to finance your home...except through SAHL!

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