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07 Apr 2015

Willem Koen

Where to start! Four years ago we found our dream home and did everything in our powers to get the money together to pay for the transfer duties. Unfortunately it was not meant to be or shall I say, The time was not right. We decided to buy a house off plan as by doing this you do not need transfer duties. At that time we battled to get a bond as all the rules just changed. SAHL was one of the first to come back to us to offer us a bond, but because we did not know them we decided to go with what we knew and we kept to our bank, Absa. Four years later and our heart was still where we wanted to buy four years ago. We took the risk and put our house on sale and with big surprise we sold it in a week with R1 000 000.00 profit to put down as a deposit. We though it will be so much easier this time around. We were buying our forever home, which is bigger and prettier so there will not be a problem. Our bond will be exactly the same as it was so it is just a question of changing the details. We were wrong in a big way; none of the banks wanted to touch us and on top of that nobody can tell you why. We had the same size bond with more income and fewer expenses compared to four years ago. After stressing and thinking that we were going to lose our dream home again, I decided to phone SAHL and ask them to give me some answers. They explained to me how everything works and what they will need from me. I could understand what was going on and what was needed from me.

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