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Eastern Cape

07 Nov 2011

Vernon Kilian

SA Home Loans has been a part of my life for the last 8 or so years and it has been a very fulfilling ride. The following quote was born during my association with SA Home LoansYouve tried the rest but you are now with the best. My reason for the above statement is that through SAHL I have been able to turn my basic home into the house of our dreams. This is something we could not achieve whilst being with another establishment which offers loans to homebuyers. SAHL has always been too eager to assist when we needed to do alterations and the speed at which we got our replies was absolutely phenomenal. SAHL is a company that I feel is out there to better their clients lifestyle and to make dreams come true. The renovations I did with the help of SAHL has more than doubled the value of my property, and has made my home a true investment and also one I am proud to be the owner of. Thank you for changing my life and being a part of it.

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