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Western Cape

07 Nov 2011

Lauren McGill

Ages ago we drove through this cute little, safe estate and I said to my husband (pipe dreaming) "can you buy me a house here please, thanks! Never in a million years thinking would that actually come true a couple years later! Getting sick of the renters market we decided to have a look at buying, to formulate a plan of action for our future! We were told to first find a house, by our bank (at this point I need to mention my husband had been with the same bank for his ENTIRE life and throughout the process we received zero, zilch, nada help through this process! we have since left the bank!). We found this lovely little house, in this very estate and approached our bank again. They were beyond useless. We heard an SA Home Loans ad and decided to try them. I can honestly say we have not been disappointed, not even once with the service we have received! Even if I wasn't hoping to win R2000- I would still say the same! Thank you SA Home Loans for our lovely home :)

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