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Western Cape

07 Nov 2011

Charles Herbert

Coming from a previously disadvantage community, Our Great Heavenly Father blessed me with the ability to rise above my natural capabilities and today I own my dream house and another property. As you well know house hunting can be extremely difficult but SA Home Loans stuck with me and my wife until we found our property of our dreams. At first our bond was approved for the first house we found but lost that through technical commitments from the seller. Then we want to purchase the property we were renting with no luck our search continued. Two more attempts and we never gave up hope until one Sunday after the divine service at our church the Lord opened the way and that same Sunday we signed an offer to purchase and in anticipation we waited for disappointment but prayed in faith that our offer would be accepted and two days later the owners accepted which are living in Germany. We were now at the critical stage whether our home loan would be approved or not. With no delay and no sleepless nights our worst fear was put to rest as our home loan was approved immediately. To this our reply was not amazing but to highest honor from this wonderful service provider AWESOME SA HOME LOANS. No other financial institution will ever come close to service. Keep it up.

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