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07 Nov 2011

Petrus van der Westhuizen

I have always been satisfied with the support during hard times when the interest rate was sssooo high and I suffered financially and I was allowed to pay a reduced premium for a period of time until I caught up with the payments without losing my home that was fantastic! However recently a huge freaky hail storm hit Pretoria and one part of my house has a flat roof, the hail was too heavy for the roof and the sink plates made a gap and the water just flooded into my house, the walls and the ceiling and obviously the corrugated sink roof need repairs, but it is with regret that I have to indicate that my claim was partially rejected by SA Home Loans. They said that the flat roof was not properly sealed, but how was I supposed to have known that, I bought the house the way it is. I think it is very unfair to collect insurance money every month and then when something really serious happens one gets turned down! I do not have the finances to do the repairs myself and will have to save up a while longer before I can do that in the meantime I just hope and pray that there is no big storms coming our way again soon. Apart from this incident I must say that I am very happy with the way SA Home Loans treat and support me and I will not take my bond to other institutions even if the insurance do not want to pay for damages caused by nature.

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