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05 Nov 2011

Marie-Louise Marais

I started at a new job. In the first week at my new job my husband phoned me with shocking news- He lost his job! We were renting at the time and were due to sign a 2 year renting contract. The rent goes up by 10% every year. We knew we could not afford it to stay there anymore and had to move, but my salary could not cover the moving cost. I then contacted an agent to look at houses. None of the Banks wanted to approve a home loan to me and I was desperate! Thanks to SA Home Loans that came to my rescue and approved my bond in such a short time. I could move that same month (September 2009) into my own house- paying occupation for a month and the end of October 2009 the house was registered in my name! I will never forget how thankful I was and how I cried. Today I am proud to say I could afford to make a small loan to re-do the plumbing and bathroom and again SA Home Loans approved the loan and paid it into my bank account in 2 days. I will recommend any one to use SA Home Loans - people you can rely on with friendly, fast, service and keep you updated all the time. That helped me a lot especially when I had all the stress on me at the time when my husband did not have a job, I have children, I am at a new job, we had to move in 30 days and SA Home Loans that is why your sign is Yellow - you are my sun and light! Thank you!

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