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04 Nov 2011

Jaque Schade

I am 46 years old , my wife and I bought our house in 1995. In 2009 things went horribly wrong. My wife met someone else, this was heart breaking, but most of all she insisted in selling the house. My life was shattered, I didnt know what to do ,were to go, everything I worked for gone in a flash. My life changed, my hopes, my dreams, suddenly became meaningless. My career is a fire fighter,paramedic,dealing with stresses every day, saving lives and property, losing my house was like losing my life. I started giving away my lifelong belongings. After 3 attempts and the help of your consultants, I was contacted by SA Home Loans, the deal was granted to buy back my own home, I was so excited and went to De Voetpad Kloof resort to celebrate this wonderful news. Thanks to SA Home Loans for giving me this opportunity and help me reach my dream, my own home, my stability in life.

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