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04 Nov 2011

Victor Mditshwa

When I applied for the home loan, I thought the transaction would sail smoothly. Little did I know that the mighty of climbing Mt Kilimanjaro was to face me. I had three bank accounts with two banks. One of the banks I had a home loan in which I bought a three bedroom flat with original loan of R100 000, 00 and market value of R300 000, 00. The property was paid off. The home loan payments were done via salary deductions; obviously there were no payments defaults. I submitted application first in the Bank in which I had paid off a home loan. I was declined. I made a personal representation, giving the flat a security. I was declined. I proceeded to my main Bank at which I am at Platinum portfolio level. I was declined. I moved the bank I had a personal loan. Application was declined. I was disappointed, my hopes of giving a birthday present to my wife a dream of providing freedom to my children who for so long were enduring the shoutings of the Caretaker and silent and boring Sundays to them as they were not allowed to go out of the flat and play.(Rules of caretaker) This was during the period of the global Financial crisis. A Sunday newspapers SA Home Loans advertisement was a life saver and freedom provider to me. I did not even know what SA Home Loan was, as it is not a conventional bank, I am used to, but when I submitted my application, SAHL engaged me and told me that so much deposit and loan would be approved.

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