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18 Mar 2015

Xatyiswa Qinga

My Story goes like this. It was a pain and frustration for me having to move my children from one rented place to another. This negatively affected their social life and stability. One day their home is in first floor somewhere, the next its number 15, the next its number 90. Though I felt my finances were not there yet, by faith I started looking for my own property. One day I came across a property that was what one would call a bargain. I thought to myself I have nothing to lose, I signed the offer to purchase and to my surprise the bank I bank with was the first to decline me and others followed suit. I was heartbroken and disappointed. It was in that state I started telling myself that theres got to be another way. With tears on my cheeks, I searched on the internet and thats when I came across SA Home Loans, I remember calling the call centre with a shaky voice, behold! By the end of that call I had a smile on my face AGAIN. My hope was re-ignited. The rest is history; I am now an owner of my own property. Thank you SA Home Loans for giving me another chance. I really thank God for your company. Prosperity and more success to you. May you continue to give rejected people like me second chances! My children say Thank you SA Home Loans

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