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Western Cape

17 Mar 2015

Zukiswa Diniso

A friend of mine came to my rescue when she introduced SA Home Loans. To buy a house was a mystery before SA Home Loans. There was a heavy cloud on my head when all the banks rejected me after viewing the house, expectations so high and children very excited. Before you know it the bank sent me a BIG DECLINE. Anxiety took the lead, nightmares, lot of questions like How am I going to ever buy a house. A friend forwarded my number to one of SA Home Loans consultant. It wasnt long before I got a call and the lady forwarded some documents to fill in. Remember I was already tired with filling in forms and getting declined; however I just dragged my big head and filled in the forms. Later the SA Home Loans consultant told me that my loan was approved. My goodness! I wondered how? Is it scam? I was full of joy and also at the same time, scared. I was told, Miss Diniso, your bond is approved; please fax us proof of payment of the following things. I ran to the fax and faxed each and every document that was required. I was very pleased and the service was like lightning; everything went so fast and the friendly customer service was so amazing. They took my anxiety away and prepared my mind for real things. At SA Home Loans its not just dreams without reality! I got my house and they availed so many resources to me as the first time buyer. I didnt have to struggle to look left and right for funds. Now I am happy in my new home; which I call the SA Home Loans REALITY HOME.

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