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Home financing made easy.

Home Finance

16 Sep - 4 min read

Benefits of refinancing your home

Refinancing is one of the most effective ways to release cash, reduce monthly expenditure…

6 Sep - 5 min read

10 biggest home buyer’s mistakes

If you’re a first-time home buyer, chances are you have your dream home in mind. You’ll…

6 Sep - 3 min read

3 reasons for calculating your affordability

Buying a new home is quite an exciting commitment to make: what an exhilarating moment it…

6 Sep - 3 min read

6 Good Reasons for Switching to SA Home Loans

You’ve had a home loan with your bank for some time now and everything is ticking along…

6 Sep - 3 min read

Buying a home when you can’t afford a deposit

Most of us dream of owning our own home. Not only does it give you a secure place to live…

6 Sep - 5 min read

Buying a house and the importance of a deposit on your property

Very few people can buy a property ‘cash’ these days, leaving many first-time or repeat…

6 Sep - 5 min read

The costs of buying a home

It’s important to understand the full cost implications of purchasing a piece of real…

6 Sep - 5 min read

Debt consolidation – what you should know

Debt is such a slippery slope and it’s so easy for things to get quickly out of control.…

6 Sep - 5 min read

First time buyers guide

Purchasing a home is something that most adults aspire to do. However, the actual process…

6 Sep - 6 min read

How a FLISP subsidy can help with buying your first home

Financial Linked Individual Subsidy Programme (FLISP) enables first time home-ownership…

6 Sep - 5 min read

How to qualify for a bond

Would you like to own property in South Africa? Whether you want to purchase a home to…

6 Sep - 5 min read

Paying off your bond quickly – it’s not as difficult as you think

Modern day bonds tend to have generous life spans – this to give homeowners enough time (…

6 Sep - 3 min read

Renting vs buying – which is better?

Is it better to rent or buy property in South Africa at the moment, especially given the…

6 Sep - 5 min read

A rough guide to debt consolidation

At SA Home Loans, we pride ourselves on being a responsible lender, and we don’t want our…

6 Sep - 5 min read

Tips for your credit score

Whether you’re buying an apartment, a brand-new development home or a free-standing house…

6 Sep - 5 min read

What fees can I expect to pay?

When applying for a house bond, homebuyers and investors typically plan for the repayment…

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