Divorce is a stressful life experience. Yet, even at this challenging time the best outcome is when both parties can agree on a settlement agreement without the need for lengthy and expensive legal action. Not only is the process of getting divorced quicker and easier, it also allows each party to start the new phase of their lives sooner.

If both parties jointly entered into a home loan agreement with SA Home Loans, the settlement agreement and subsequent divorce order does not impact your financial obligations to us. SA Home Loans is not a party to the agreement and both parties will therefore remain jointly and severally liable for the outstanding balance.

In the event that the settlement agreement awards full ownership of the property to one party, effect must be given to that order by cancelling and registering a new bond. If this new mortgage loan application is with SA Home Loans, it will remain subject to our normal credit criteria.

To understand our requirements, or to give effect to the divorce order, please contact us on 086 111 3414.