Home loan instalments paid via salary deduction

If your loan was granted on the basis of “salary deduction”, the monthly home loan instalment will be paid by your employer directly to SA Home Loans via salary stop order.  It is important to note that the responsibility lies with you to ensure that the stop order is implemented.. Failure to do so may result in your bond – reflecting in arrears, with negative consequences for your credit record.

The following step with guide you in implementing your salary stop order.

  1. On registration, SA Home Loans will provide you with a registration pack, including a Z299 form, which is required to implement the salary stop order. If you have provided SA Home Loans will an e-mail address this registration pack will be e-mailed to you directly after your bond has been registered. Should you not receive the abovementioned documents, please contact us urgently on 0861 888 777 or Login to our website to download the Z299 form.
  2. It is imperative that you contact your HR department, provide them with the Z299 form, and ensure that they implement the monthly salary stop order.
  3. SA Home Loans perform regular follow-ups after the bond registered and will request updates on the progress of establishing the salary stop order before the instalment due date.

It is important to note that fixed quarterly rate reviews may result in a change to your instalment. Should your instalment increase, you will be required to amend your salary stop order accordingly; failure to amend the salary stop order may result in your home loans  reflecting in arrears.

Apart from the above, please note that any other changes to your instalment will also require an amendment to the salary stop order with your employer. In the event of you no longer receiving a salary stop order please contact us on 0861 888 777.